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10-year roadmap to a tobacco-free city: What’s next?

The Government is considering expanding the scope of smoke-free areas to busy outdoor areas, hoping to reduce the smoking prevalence to single digit. After expanding statutory no smoking areas about 10 years ago, the demographic characteristics and habits amongst smokers have changed significantly. It may be time to evaluate current tobacco control measures.

The full version of the commentary is in Chinese only.

Key points

  • The current tobacco control legislation does not cover most of the public areas outside designated no smoking areas, nor does it prohibit people from smoking while walking.
  • After consulting the affected residents, building and businesses owners, some of the laneways in Melbourne’s CBD are now smoke-free areas.
  • Most of the smokers in Hong Kong started smoking before the age of 30, 67% of them had their first cigarette between 10 and 19, more than doubled when compared with those who started between 20 and 29.
  • The ratio of female smokers remained 3% to 4% over the years, and the female smoking population increased from 92,000 in 2010 to 103,000 last year.
  • At least 13 countries, including Singapore, Thailand and Brazil, have imposed a complete ban on e-cigarettes.

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