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India may get chunk of UK’s $90 million to WHO tobacco control convention

India might get a chunk of the 90 million dollars, funded by the United Kingdom to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) to intensify tobacco control measures across the world.

The FCTC on Tuesday said it had launched a new project under which developing countries will get dedicated support to implement the tobacco control policies.

“Yes, India may be one of the countries. Though nothing has been decided as of now,” said Stella Bialous from the FCTC Secretariat.

Asked if the FCTC had decided countries likely to get immediate dedicated support, Bialous told IANS: “There is no defined way to categories but certainly it will be decided with transparency.”

“Funds will be given to some countries who are already prepared to implement the measures,” said Stella, addressing the press on the second day of the FCTC Convention which commenced on November 7.

According to her, the funding will be decided geographically as well.

On the occasion, FCTC also said that they seek to hike financial contributions from all the countries to the organisation.

“There needs to be an increase as we need to reach out to the world on anti-tobacco policies, “said Bialous.

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