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Anti-Smoking Bill Passed in Bahrain

Anti-Smoking Bill Passed

Gulf Daily News – The Voice of Bahrain – Published: 20th February 2008

MPs yesterday approved a tough anti-smoking law that includes fines for people who light up in cars with children on board.

Traders who sell tobacco to children below 14 years could also face up to six months in jail under the new legislation.

It is already illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone below 18 years.

Restaurants that fail to properly separate smoking and non-smoking areas will be fined BD2,000 to BD5,000 and closed for up to two months for repeat offences.

Smokers who light up in closed areas, such as cars with children onboard, buses, malls and other places, would face fines of BD20 to BD50.

The government drafted the law in 1994, but it has still not seen the light.

The new draft is a combination of the original draft and a parliamentary proposed law.

It will now be discussed and voted on by the Shura Council, before being sent to His Majesty King Hamad for ratification.

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