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Cigarette Smokers Can Now Quit Smoking Effectively By Doing One Thing; Learn More

Cigarette smoking is among the most addictive vices known to mankind. This new study done by scientists at the Oxford University would help smokers to finally quit smoking consistently.

There were smokers who attempted quitting, but would eventually go back doing it because the methods they tried were not that effective. This new study that can be found via the journal called Annals of Internal Medicine says that smokers can finally say goodbye to smoking forever as cited by The Inquisitr.

Scientists from Oxford University said, that going “cold turkey” is indeed the best way to quit smoking based on their recent survey. They used 700 smokers based in the United Kingdom who have always wanted to quit smoking cigarettes.

They were asked to participate for two weeks. Half of those smokers were told to go back to smoking after two weeks if they still feel the urge to. The other half was asked to completely stop it.

The researchers then observed the two groups and their behavior towards smoking after a month, which also was followed by another survey after six months. They found out that smokers who quit abruptly were more likely to quit smoking forever than those who did it gradually. But that was just for the first month. The success rate was also similar to that after six months.

One of the researchers of the said project, Nicole Lindson-Hawley, said that going “cold turkey” is the best strategy to quit smoking, but quitting gradually is still not a bad idea because at least the person is making an effort.

Gradually saying goodbye to smoking is still better than not doing anything at all to quit it.

If you are someone who is trying to quit smoking using the “cold turkey” style, then you should know that you’re on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Share this information to your friends and family who you think need to finally quit smoking, but are having a hard time.

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