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Is enough being done to police the smoking ban?


It is time the government admitted that its toothless no-smoking law (“We don’t have time to issue tickets for defying smoke ban, staff say,” August 25) was always just a sham intended to dupe the public into believing some action was being taken.

A toddler could see that it is not feasible for the government to enforce this law directly.

Overseas governments have recognised this by putting the burden on bar and restaurant owners: allowing patrons to smoke is treated just like any other health code violation, and owners who do so swiftly find themselves without an operating licence.

Our government is not so foolish that it could have failed to notice this obvious problem with enforcing the law.

A frank acknowledgment of duplicity by the responsible parties is therefore long past due.

I also call on the government to name the date on which this bogus law will be replaced by a real no-smoking law.

Brad Foreman, Clear Water Bay

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