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Cigarette packets set for redesign to stop people smoking with 65% of box given over to warnings

Fags to be packaged in drab green boxes with standard fonts and sizes

PACKAGING for cigarettes is being changed as part of a new plan to stop people from smoking and to deter young people from taking up the habit.

MPs approved the new rules in March which will see the tobacco products sold in drab green boxes with large health warnings and graphic photographs.

The new law will come into effect on 20 May this year and will also make all cigarette packets the same size and shape.

The words printed on the packet will also have to use the same typeface, colour, case and alignment of text.

It will also mean the end for large and prominent logos that have become so well-known over the years including Marlboro and Silk Cut.

The new packets will give over more space to health warnings and graphic photos with 65% of the box used to deter smokers.

Campaign groups, including Cancer Research UK, say well designed packaging and effective marketing have unconsciously drawn people into smoking.

They say young people are particularly vulnerable to taking up the habit and that standardised packaging will help prevent them from smoking.

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