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Bigger warnings for cigarette packs

Cigarette packets must feature bigger and more graphic health warnings, as new EU rules come into force.

Smokers will be told that lighting up exposes them to 70 substances that are known to cause cancer.

The EU directive, signed into law by Health Minister Simon Harris, will see cigarette packs with health warnings covering 65pc of their surface.

It means an end to packs of 10 cigarettes or super-slim packs, and soon menthol cigarettes will be banned.

Cigarettes and tobacco products may no longer have flavours such as menthol, vanilla or candy that mask the taste and smell of tobacco.

The Minister said: “These measures will further complement the tobacco control initiatives already in place and will help to drive down consumption of tobacco and protect public health.” He welcomed the UK Government’s court victory on plain packaging of cigarettes and intends to progress Ireland’s own legislation, which allows for the same measure here.

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