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Man Alleges E-Cigarette Explosion Caused Broken Neck Amid Lawsuit Filing Increases reports on the details of a CBS News story discussing a man from Colorado Springs, Colorado who was reportedly hospitalized with serious injuries after experiencing an e-cigarette explosion. The release states that the 29-year-old “suffered a broken neck, facial fractures, burns to his mouth, and shattered teeth…” from the explosion. A GoFundMe account which the man’s sister posted to help raise funds for his medical bills stated that he was using an e-cigarette when it exploded in his face.

The sister reportedly told their hometown news station WMC-TV that the incident was heartbreaking to the family. “Any sudden move can cause him to be in a paralyzed state…” and “He’s going to need 24-hour care for a while and constant monitoring from family and friends and loved ones,” she stated. Additionally, she reportedly noted that her brother had undergone spinal surgery to treat some of the damage, which was said to be just the first of a number of surgeries the young man will require.

More people are beginning to move to electronic cigarettes from using traditional cigarettes, thinking that they are making a smart choice for their health. Many, however, have noticed an increase in these types of occurrences as the popularity of e-cigarettes increases. In another similar incident, a 23-year-old man in California was also reported to suffer mouth damage and lost part of his left index finger when physicians were forced to amputate it due to the severity of its wounds following an e-cigarette explosion.

Attorney Marc Freund is currently assisting several clients who are pursuing legal action after allegedly suffering from e-cigarette explosion injuries as well. He is working to further investigate the occurrences, and to help those who say that they are suffering in the aftermath. Freund recommends that anyone who has been injured by an e-cigarette explosion should take the time to fully investigate their legal rights in the matter, as they may be entitled to substantial compensation to assist with medical bills and pain and suffering. At this time, he is offering free legal consultations for involved parties.

To request additional information on e-cigarette explosion lawsuits, or to ask questions, please contact Attorney Marc Freund of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman by calling 877-711-9545.

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