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Largest ever seizure of illegal tobacco in Spain

Just some of the tobacco seized Guardia Civil

Just some of the tobacco seized Guardia Civil

IN A joint investigation between the Guardia Civil and the Tax Office under the codename ‘Rosa’, two people have been arrested and a plant producing ready to smoke tobacco has been closed in what is described as the largest seizure of its kind in Spain to date.

Working with the Association of Tobacconists in Granada who had been heavily hit by this illegal operation, an investigation commenced in January 2016 which included checking web pages offering tobacco for sale.

It transpired that much of this tobacco was produced in unsanitary conditions without following legal production requirements with no tax being paid or declared.

Having identified three properties in Chauchina (Granada) the combined operation noted the arrival of leaf tobacco which was then converted to tobacco suitable for smoking and distributed throughout Almeria, Granada, Jaen and Seville.

After being satisfied that this was an illegal operation undertaken in breach of tax and health laws, the joint investigators seized a total of 95,000 kilos of tobacco, arrested two people, closed the premises and seized manufacturing equipment, records as well as a number of vehicles.

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