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A breath of fresh air for diners: Smoking ban begins in all outdoor dining areas in South Australia

  • Smoking in all alfresco dining venues is now banned in South Australia
  • Cancer Council SA wants to protect the public from second hand smoke
  • If caught smoking – diners receive a $200 fine, businesses are fined $1,250

Smoking will be banned from all alfresco dining venues in South Australia, starting from Friday.

The new rules apply to pubs, clubs, café, restaurants and fast food outlets after years of campaigning to try and protect the public from second hand smoke.

Cancer Council SA’s chief executive Lincoln Size says he is pleased workers and diners can now be protected.

‘We believe that South Australians of all ages should be able to enjoy alfresco dining areas without putting their health at risk from second hand smoke,’ Mr Size said.

‘Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemical compounds – at least 250 of these found in secondhand smoke are known to be toxic or carcinogenic.

The law now requires a two metre wall be installed to divide the two areas of smoking and nonsmoking if venues hope to continue allowing diners to smoke.

Those caught smoking in outside areas will be given a $200 fine while businesses will be fined $1,250.

Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, shisha, hookah and water pipes all fall under the no-smoking ban.

Mr Size said 21 people in South Australia are killed as a result of smoking every week and the ban will help ‘de-normalise the behaviour.’

Smoking will only be allowed in beer gardens where ‘pre-packaged food of a kind generally intended to be consumed between meals,’ is served.

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