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Monitoring tobacco packaging and labelling in South-East Asia

A new index is helping governments in South-East Asia strengthen implementation of tobacco packaging and labelling in their countries.

Key findings from the index:

  • All 10 ASEAN countries apply pictorial health warnings (PHWs).
  • Thailand leads with the largest PHWs.
  • Legislated health warnings are applied to all forms of tobacco packaging among the ASEAN countries.
  • All ASEAN countries ban adhesive labels, stickers, cases, covers, sleeves, wrapping and promotional inserts and onserts on tobacco products that can obscure, obliterate or undermine health warnings.
  • Seven countries gave less than 10 months to the tobacco industry to comply with pictorial warnings.
  • Enforcement authorities in seven ASEAN countries possess sufficient powers to order violators to recall non-compliant tobacco products.
  • All ASEAN countries indicated that their health warning law or regulation needed to be reviewed and updated periodically.

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