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Should tobacco vending machine be banned in ACT?

There has been a wide discussion on the topic whether there should be a ban or not on the vending machine that dispenses tobacco products in and around ACT. The discussion has furiously spread across many non-government health organizations since last couple of months and they all are demanding a strict and quick action in this regards from the federal government of ACT. It is noticeable that a bill in this regard has recently been moved ahead by Roslyn Dundas – the Democrat MP. The bill recommends ban on tobacco vending machines.

What caused the need of ban?

The usage of tobacco products is on shiver increase by teenagers and children in the territory. And there has been a rapid growth in the number of diseases related to tobacco in the youth in ACT. This scenario has caused an alarm in the health organizations in ACT and hence they have been demanding a ban on tobacco distributing vending machines.

Eileen Jerga – the Executive Director of the National Heart Foundation of ACT says that “Tobacco should not be sold like a lolly or a biscuit”, “It’s a deadly and addictive product. We don’t sell alcohol or aspirin through self-service machines – why tobacco?

Moreover Eileen said that “If we are at all serious about reducing child smoking, we must tighten up on tobacco retail outlets. This is a very good place to start”

“Though tobacco vending machines have been restricted to licensed premises in the ACT, it’s clear there’s been little supervision and it’s been relatively easy for young people to get cigarettes out of these self-service machines.”

Anne Jones, Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health said “This ban would be consistent with the recommendations of the worldwide Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which Australia has recently signed; it would also support a commitment in the Federal Government’s new National Tobacco Strategy”.

“To protect the health of young people, retail of tobacco products should be restricted to face-to-face sales to ensure young people do not have easy access.

“We urge all parties in the ACT Assembly to support this bill.”

With the technological advancement in Vending Machines we have witnessed a number of types of vending machine that are helpful and beneficial to us in order to maintain and improve our health and life style. We have been using Snack Vending Machines, Drink Vending Machines and healthy vending machines that dispense healthy food items so why to use this dangerous one?

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