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Lad horrifically burned after e-cig bursts into ‘exploding firework’

A BLOKE ended up with second and third degree burns when his e-cig exploded.

NASTY: Alex suffered serious burns to body when the device set alight

NASTY: Alex suffered serious burns to body when the device set alight

Alex Stojadinovic, 26, was severely scorched on his hands and legs when the device combusted as he was in his car.

Alex, a social worker from Bedford, said that his device burst into a “foot long fire” and left him with second and third degree burns to his legs and hands.

“I couldn’t feel my left hand, my trousers were melted to my leg. I was black on my leg and hand,” says Alex.

He was hospitalised for a week and required skin grafts to help repair some of the damage caused.

BURNED: Alex's injuries

BURNED: Alex’s injuries

The horrific incident occurred after Alex was having an evening out with a service user who suffers from Down’s Syndrome.

It was cold so the pair jumped straight in the car, meaning Alex left the e-cig in his pocket rather than taking it out as he usually does.

But as Alex began to drive away, the e-cig exploded.

“We exit the car park and within five minutes I hear a very, very loud hiss coming from my pocket,” says Alex.


PAINFUL: Alex had painful burns all over his legs

“As I look down, it literally burst into a flame and went into a foot-long fire almost like a flare.

“I’m driving at this point and I somehow managed to pull my car over with my right hand but as I was doing that, I tried grab it out with my left,” he added.

At this point, Alex says he didn’t feel any pain and began to drive to the hospital with his worried friend.

He was transferred to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks, to be seen by a specialist burns unit.

Luckily he is now making a recovery.

Earlier this week, another bloke was out shopping when an e-cig battery exploded in his pocket.

He was also rushed to hospital with serious burns to his leg.

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