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Public Health warns against e-cig, vape pen use

Globally, the market for e-cigarettes and vaping devices is expected to grow into a $50 billion market annually, according to BIS Research.

One group locally is doing what they can to halt the expansion of nicotine electronic smoking devices. Brandy Powers is the Tobacco Education Coordinator for Page County Public Health. Powers says many of the ingredients in ESDs are not regulated, making them dangerous.

“A lot of the ingredients are unknown,” said Powers. “They list three ingredients in there, and then the rest — since they aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration — they don’t have to put them on the label.”

Powers says one of the problems with the ESD market is the fact that they are marketed toward younger clientele.

“They are very tempting to youth, even youth that have never touched tobacco in their life,” said Powers. “E-cigarettes are one of the first things they pick up because they think they are safe.”

Similar to the early cigarette market, Powers says the flavors of certain ESDs are also marketed toward people under 18.

“They have over 7,500 different flavors,” said Powers. “Many of them are marketed towards youth because they are candy-flavored; cherry, watermelon, bubble gum, a lot of those things that the tobacco figured out that kids liked, a lot of these electronic companies are figuring out the same thing.”

Powers adds that many of these devices are not safe alternatives to traditional tobacco. Anyone who is considering quitting any form of tobacco can contact Quitline Iowa at (800) 784-8669, where they can receive a personalized plan to quit.

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