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Tobacco giant to launch nicotine inhaler designed to help smokers stub out their habit

British American Tobacco’s new Voke device wins license to be sold as a medicine

Cigarette manufacturer British American Tobacco is preparing to release a new nicotine inhaler.

The Voke device is licensed as a medicine and produces no heat, working more like an asthma inhaler than an electronic cigarette.

BAT has reached the second stage of its bid to bring the device to market, after being awarded a variation to its license from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory agency.

The first stage of this medical license was granted in September 2014.

A production line has been set up near King’s Lynn and the device will be built by Nicoventures, a subsidary of BAT.

A spokeswoman for Nicoventures told Mirror Online: “The work towards full scale-up continues and until it has been completed we will not be able to confirm timing, but we will be launching Voke as soon as we can.”

It is understood that Voke could one day be prescribed as a way to give up smoking.

The device is different from e-cigarettes, which work by heating liquid to produce cloud of nicotine-rich vapour.

Tom Pruen, chief scientific officer at the The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, welcomed the arrival of the inhaler.

“The Voke isn’t really a competitor product for e-cigs, rather it is some much needed innovation in the somewhat stagnant nicotine replacement market.”

However, one disadvantage of the devices lies in the fact they do not deliver clouds of flavoured vapour.

“They apparently deliver nicotine well, but don’t have the flavour or sensation that an e-cig does,” Pruen added.

“The Voke is another choice for smokers who want to quit so it’s a win for everyone, except possibly the combustible arm of BAT [which produces cigarettes].”

Using e-cigarettes is known to be healthier than smoking real tobacco, although recent research has controversially highlighted health concerns.

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