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FREE Smoking Cessation Counseling Service

Message from Department of Nursing Studies

Wanna quit smoking but need help quitting? Have you tried to quit but can’t quite knock the habit? The Department of Nursing Studies is now offering a FREE smoking cessation counseling service for youth, young adults, and women! We care about your health and will do our best to help you quit. If you have friends that smoke, feel free to introduce them too. All personal information will be kept confidential.

Youth Quitline

Trained peer counsellors will help you quit and answer your questions via telephone.

If you are:

1. A 12-25 year-old smoker
2. Want to quit smoking
3. Can communicate in Cantonese

We will

1. Provide counselling service up to 5 times via telephone
2. Provide a basic body check-up to quitters after 6 months
3. An incentive will be given to those who come to the body check.

Please call 2855-9557 to make an appointment.


Senior trained nurses will help you to quit through either a face-to-face interview or telephone interview at your convenience.

If you are:

1. Over 18 years old, female, and a smoker
2. Want to quit smoking
3. Can communicate in Cantonese

We will:

1. Provide quitting techniques specially designed for women
2. Provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy and a basic body check-up

Please contact Miss Tracy Cheung at 2819-2692/ 6752-6266 to make appointment.

For more details, please visit

Professor Sophia Chan
Department of Nursing Studies
The University of Hong Kong

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