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Vaping association to cooperate with government

KUALA LUMPUR: The country’s first “vaping” association is extending its cooperation to the government to regulate vaping.

Malaysia E-Vaporisers and Tobacco Alternative Association (Mevta) president Allan Foo said the government could come up with standards, rules and regulations.

In an industry that involves five different players, Foo suggested that the government gain insight from producers, exporters, importers, retailers and consumers, among others.

“On our (Mevta) part, we are willing to share and provide information. Since vaping has come into the picture, the tobacco industry has been affected.

“We are willing to talk to the government on whether vaping should be subjected to tax and its implementation,” Foo said, adding that government agencies, such as Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (Sirim) were welcomed to participate.

Sirim, said Foo, could assist by testing the hardware, computer chips and the liquids used.

“Getting the right benchmark will give vaping proper regulation. We can also follow British standards as they are ahead of us in this.”

Although there are no official figures, Mevta estimates there are between 500,000 and 800,000 users in the country.

“We believe vapers make up for slightly more than 10 per cent of smokers, which is between four million and five million.

“That is 30 per cent of the total number of smokers. If the figure is accurate, the tobacco industry would have been hit badly and that is the last thing we want.”

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