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July 12th, 2012:

The Tobacco Industry’s Influences on the Use of Tobacco Among Youth

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Influence of Motion Picture Rating on Adolescent Response to Movie Smoking

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Santa Monica moves toward smoking ban in apartments

‎Los Angeles Times – 6 hours ago

Santa Monica smoking ban: The Santa Monica City Council has approved an ordinance that would prohibit smoking for new tenants in 

Local: Santa Monica tightening smoking restrictions‎ San Jose Mercury News

Ineffective action puts people at risk

SCMP Letters 12 July 2012

Allan Dyer (“Punish this aggressive minority”, July 2) provides a concise summary of the woeful gaps in enforcing the protection of both the public and occupational health against passive smoking.

It beggars belief that after more than two decades of providing objective scientific evidence on the serious detriment to health – both that of smokers and non-smokers – from second-hand smoke, we still have business venues able to defy the law and so far little prospect of effective action and compliance.

The combined effects of weak or delayed government action, intense and effective tobacco industry lobbying, opposition from tobacco-friendly legislators, and ambiguous law drafting has ensured that the health of thousands of hospitality workers has been seriously harmed.

In addition to the unresolved problem of lethal outdoor pollution, the new chief executive and director of health must give Hong Kong’s indoor air quality the highest possible priority.

Anthony Hedley, honorary professor, school of public health, University of Hong Kong