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January 19th, 2012:

Hong Kong Customs spares no effort in fight against illegal activities

On law enforcement, Hong Kong Customs detected 9,106 illicit cigarette cases
in connection with smuggling, storage, distribution, peddling and excessive
duty-free cigarettes brought in by incoming passengers, with a total of 106
million sticks of cigarettes seized, representing an increase of 44 per cent
and 39 per cent respectively compared with the figures for 2010.About 35
million cigarette sticks were seized in export/transshipment cases while the
remaining sticks were seized in local illicit cigarette activities.

Mr Cheung noted that illicit cigarette activities had become relatively
active after the increase in the duty rate for tobacco to 41.5per cent in
February.The whole situation, however, was gradually put under control
following Customs’ vigorous enforcement action against these
activities.Street peddling activities at blackspots almost
vanished.Moreover, 773 persons were arrested in the selling and buying of
illicit cigarette activities.Among them, 268 were buyers, representing a
drop of 27 per cent against 2010.Increased public awareness of the criminal
consequences of buying illicit cigarettes was believed to have induced the