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March 12th, 2010:

Paradox: Tobacco director doubles as patron for women’s health organization

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Subject: Tobacco director as patron

Honourable Barbara McDougall Honorary Patron of the Genesis Research Foundation.

please tell me, how can you possibly have a current board director of a Canadian tobacco company and BAT subsidiary , as a patron of a foundation supposedly whose aims are advancing women’s health ? There is nothing ‘Honourable’ about that. As for the IDRC Board of Governors (a Crown Corporation) , well shame on them too.

What a fiasco for Canada’s face to the World.

James Middleton


Philip Morris Suing Over Cigarette Display Ban // “Blowing Smoke With a Nutty Legal Theory,” Says ASH

tobacco control cover warningsFirst published: March 9, 2010

Source: PR Inside

Philip Morris has announced that it will file a law suit in Oslo, Norway, aimed at stopping a ban on the open display of cigarettes mandated by Norwegian law; a ban similar to one in effect in Iceland, and introduced in Ireland, all Canadian provinces, and New South Wales, Australia. But they seem to be blowing smoke with a nutty legal theory, says the public interest law professor behind litigation against against tobacco who has been called “Mr. Antismoking.”

Philip Morris plans to argue that the Norwegian law violated the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement; an agreement which allows Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein to participate in the Internal Market in Europe. The Agreement generally bans “quantitative restrictions on imports and all measures having equivalent effect” [Article 11]. However it explicitly exempts “measures justified on grounds of public morality .
. the protections of health . . .” [Article 13]

Philip Morris says it plans to argue that Norway’s law is an import restriction which is not justified by “protections of health” because it hasn’t yet produced any drop in cigarette consumption. But, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, this argument makes no sense for several reasons.

Working the System

Big TobaccoBritish American Tobacco’s Influence on the European Union Treaty and Its Implications for Policy: An Analysis of Internal Tobacco Industry Documents

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