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December 11th, 2009:

Hong Kong Customs Department missed 280 forty foot containers of cigarettes?

Clear the Air says: Worldwide the Tobacco industry spews the same mantra when their Armgeddon, tax increases, are used effectively.

In Hong Kong a spurious group of self interest serving tobacco peddlars claimed without a shred of evidence, that 49.9% of cigarette sales in Hong Kong were smuggled – that means Hong Kong Customs Department, one of the most efficient in the world, ‘missed’ 280 forty foot containers of cigarettes in the last year.

The tobacco lobby deliberately tries to mix the illicit act of smuggling , run by organised crime groups as a by product of their Armageddon. Tax increases are a health measure, tobacco smuggling is organised crime. The tobacco companies’ own words on the UCSF Legacy depository show that the main source of the smuggled goods is ‘Duty Not Paid’ or ‘General Cargo’ which is tobacco company speak for smuggled tobacco and the source is the hypocritical tobacco companies themselves – as admitted and proven.

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