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August 31st, 2009:

Is enough being done to police the smoking ban?


P.A. Crush (Talkback, August 24) replying to my letter (Talkback, August 17) is wrong about the attitude of Hong Kong’s finest towards smoking. I repeatedly call the police to report violations of the smoking ban.

Officers arrive, are unfailingly polite to all parties, and then, privately, tell me how much they appreciate my complaints because tobacco smoke is so offensive and causes so much damage to society.

Shop owners in Stanley Market point me towards stall holders who are smoking illegally and encourage me to make reports, because they feel the need to “maintain good relationships” with those who pollute their air. I am happy to do so.

As to foul language on the street, I am often subjected to that – as well as having smoke deliberately blown into my face, which is a criminal offence.

Mr Crush appears to be living in the triad-controlled past when the criminals dictated how the police responded to illegal activity. I live in the present and work with the Hong Kong police to enforce the law, without first asking the criminals if they object.

Annelise Connell, Stanley