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Customs & Excise deal with manufacturer Luxembourg battles illicit tobacco smuggling

Luxembourg has signed an agreement with cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris Luxembourg (PML) to tackle the illegal trade of tobacco products.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Luxembourg’s Customs and Excise and ensure an exchange of information between the two operators to help identify potential illegal activities and discourage illegal practices.

Luxembourg’s Customs and Excise will therefore inform PML about control operations and seizures in the country, while PML will provide access to its database and its “Track and Trace” system, providing precise monitoring of the distribution and sales of its products.

PML also support the training of officials, including the staff of the Administration of Customs and Excise.”This agreement demonstrates that the authorities and the private sector must join in the fight against illicit trade and counterfeiting,” said Pierrot Reding, head of the excise division at Luxembourg’s Customs and Excise. “In addition, the counterfeit tobacco products do not meet any health standards. We must therefore remove as they emerge, “he added.It is the fourth time that Luxembourg’s Customs and Excise has signed a collaboration agreement in the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting.